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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 3 comments

So.  I'm a Mama.  And I have ideas.  Hmmm.  No surprises so far.

The problem is that I have so many of them that my head is full of stuff & fluff constantly.  This blog is an attempt to record the best of them and share the love (so to speak!).

I'm a stay at home Mummy.  Or whatever the PC job title is these days... I never know what to put on those silly forms you have to fill in.  In a previous life (or so it feels) I was a Teacher.  It was (is) my vocation in life and I intend to return to it when my kids are older, but for the moment I'm enjoying life to the full just being a Mama.  

My 3 wonderful kids keep me crazy hectic infuriated loved up busy but also inspire a lot of my ideas.

There's the Big One... he's 6 and a Lego Ninja. In fact, he's the one who should be documenting his ideas. I love his creativity!  Then there are the 3 year-old terrible twin-some! The Shouty One is the eldest (by a whopping 45 seconds) and is a sweetie with an irresistible smile.  And then the Chubby Cheeks One, who's the comedian of the family with a wicked sense of fun!  

"The Twins" (with a capital T as I hate to refer to them as such under normal circumstances) were so dubbed by the Big One, who apparently couldn't tell them apart well enough to remember their names for the first 9 months of their lives!  The fact that he consistently referred to twin 1 as the Shouty One and twin 2 as the Chubby Cheeks One was completely lost on him!  Bless.

I'm often being asked, "where do you get your ideas from?"... the answer is a mystery, but I love anything creative, imaginative and artistic! I enjoy cooking (and eating) delicious food; reading; sewing; baking; painting; model making; Lego (with the Big One, a.k.a. Lego Boy!); home decor projects & etc... However, you will probably find me commenting on parenting topics and practical solutions to everyday bits & bobs as well! I like to think of myself as an all-rounder!

I hope you like my ideas and feel free to comment/ask me questions!

I thought I'd finish with 10 things you might not know about me:

  1. I'm a British expat currently living in Houston, Texas... y'all should stop by for a visit!
  2. I'm a Leo, not that I believe in all that astrological crap.
  3. I studied Geology as an undergraduate and have a bit of a thing about rocks.
  4. I was born 10 days before Elvis died.  Or did he?
  5. My favorite drink is Earl Grey tea with a splash of milk.  Who am I trying to kid?  It's really a vat of red wine preferably poured and waiting for me the moment the kids are in bed!
  6. I love music, but am not musical.  However, it's one of my life ambitions to learn to play piano beyond my current repertoire of 'Chopsticks'.
  7. The English Lake District is my favourite place in the world.  So far anyway.
  8. I like cats.
  9. My best friend is my long-suffering husband, Him Indoors, who is patiently sat on the sofa while I write all this.  Just a sec, hun!
  10. I have freckles.  Lots of them.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Amina says:

    Thanks for sending me the site address.... I m gonna make it a part of my every day routine to make sure to read ur daily blog..... Love em.... Enjoying them all....
    Good luck for you to keep getting amazing ideas and keep us all busy and entertained....
    See you around at school....
    Btw you should make cake pops for all the 1st graders for halloween party.... Wrapped so they can take em home.... I am ready to help... Infact I m so inspired by u that I have an amazing idea myself... Will email u or call u tomorrow...

    Take care

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hiya Mama Max
    I bumped into your mum in good ole Tesco and she told me you loved to bake as i do.I have known your mum since we were together in junior school.Thought i would log in to see what ideas you have and maybe i could use one or two.
    Love Sue

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