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The following recipe is an absolute life-saver when you are short of time (or inspiration) and need a dessert for a barbecue... especially if catering for a crowd!  I briefly mentioned this recipe in an early post about all things bananas, but thought it was worth elaborating on in honour of the 4th of July celebrations when there will be many people grilling in their backyards!

You will need...

  • 1 banana per person
  • A bar(or bars) of your favourite chocolate so that there is enough for about 4 squares per banana ... alternatively, you can use good quality chocolate chips.
  • Brandy or another complimentary spirit/liqueur (optional)
  • Chopped nuts - approximately 1 tbsp per banana (optional)

To serve: 
  • Thick whipping cream (double cream), OR
  • Vanilla icecream, OR
  • Creme fraiche, OR
  • Greek yogurt
This is such a simple recipe.  Using a sharp knife, make a slit length-ways on the inner curve of each banana. Force chunks of your favourite chocolate into the slit.  Pour in a tablespoon of brandy and/or a tablespoon of nuts if you like. Then place the banana gently on a barbecue grill and cook until the skin is black and the contents melted and gooey!  Carefully take the bananas off the grill, and serve (still in their skins) in a bowl with a dollop of icecream or glug of indulgent cream.

Delicious.  And... Happy 4th July to my American friends & neighbors!!!!!

Chocolate Banana Boat: Before

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