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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 0 comments

This is just a quick post to share one of my most recent ideas with you... a quick, cheap and easy way to add lights to a cake. I was recently asked to make a fire truck cake for my friend's son's 3rd birthday party and so commenced a bit of an internet trawl for ideas... there really are some amazingly talented cake makers and decorators out there. One fire truck cake in particular caught my eye as the creative Mama who had made it had roped in her Dad to make real working lights for it... brilliant!!! Whilst I admire the ingenuity, I wasn't going to risk electrocuting the party guests with my no-doubt shoddy efforts at electronics.

However, inspiration struck mid-week whilst out trick-or-treating on Halloween. Lots of the kids were wearing glow sticks... as bracelets, necklaces and even just attached to their loot bags! Glow sticks are great... while the liquid and broken glass inside the glow stick isn't something you'd want your child to come into contact with, the exterior is tough and safe for them to play with (as long as they aren't treated with excessive roughness).

A quick rummage in the dollar section of my local Target came up trumps for the fire truck cake. I found a pack of two 4" glowsticks (one red & one blue) that came with attachments and string to make them into pendant necklaces. I was able to use the red one on the top of the cake to resemble the lights on the front of the truck and it looked very effective when the lights were turned out and the candles lit!

This idea could be used in many different ways ... it would be perfect for lightsabres on a Star Wars themed cake! And the fact that glowsticks are available in lots of different colours and sizes (from 1.5" to more than 22") allows for massive creativity!

How would you use glow sticks on a cake?

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