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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 1 comments

After living in Texas for 3 years, I like to think I have embraced the lifestyle! And one thing I have come to appreciate well is the charms of a classic frozen Margarita! I always thought I hated tequila... thanks to awful drinking games with neat cheap tequila back in my student days... but have been won over by this very popular cocktail here in the US. Apparently, the key is to get tequila made from 100% agave as this is the best indication that you are looking at a quality liquor. These spirits were produced using only fermented and distilled agave juice with water, whereas, cheaper tequilas use other sugars in the process. This is really the most important thing to look for - the rest is a matter of opinion. I was told if you stick to 100% agave tequila, you won't get a hangover, but I'm yet to test that theory!!!

The problem is that to recreate a classic frozen Margarita at home requires an ice blender (which I don't possess). It is also difficult to make in large batches, say for a party, unless you invest in a very expensive frozen Margarita machine (which I also don't possess). So, I tried a bit of an experiment and thought I would share the fabulous results!

You will need:

- Blanco Tequila (preferrably 100% agave)
- Tequila mix (either shop bought ready mix as I did, or the ingredients from your favourite Margarita recipe)
- A volume of water equal to the amount of ice (if melted) you would add to the margarita recipe before blending
- A freezer-proof container with a lid

I used a large plastic tub that can hold 7 cups volume (approx 1.65 litres). I then simply created a mix using the following ratios:

- 1 part tequila
- 3 parts tequila mix
- 3 parts water

Then simply put the lid on and stick the tub in the freezer overnight.  Take the tub out of the freezer about an hour before your guests arrive and using a fork mix up the ice and break up any larger chunks (it will have the consistency of quite hard slushy ice).

By the time your guests arrive it will have the perfect slushy consistency and can simply be ladled into your margarita glasses ... garnish with salt on the rims if you like and a fresh squeeze of lime! Store the tub in the fridge and it will stay slushy for several hours!

Super easy and delicious! Enjoy!

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  1. We've been in Texas 16 months and I too have developed a taste for frozen margaritas after prior bad experiences at uni. Had been using a blender but going to try out your recipe when out of town! Thank you for posting!

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