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Posted by Mama Max - - 4 comments

Cupcakes are very pretty in their own right when frosted and decorated, but I've always found the patterned paper cupcake cases a waste of money. Most are cheap and end up absorbing the oils in the cake batter to look greasy and consequently their colours & patterns become transparent anyway. I personally prefer to use good quality plain parchment paper cases or the foil ones. However, for a special, themed party it's nice to add a bit of color & pattern to the base of the cupcake too! This is where cupcake wrappers are useful!

You can buy them, but they are relatively easy to make yourself!  I made a classic Union Jack flag cupcake wrapper, but also a diamond studded crown to mark the Queen's Diamond 60th Jubilee!

To make these cupcake wrappers, you will need...

  • a printer
  • white cardstock (or plain paper) - standard letter size (8.5"x11")
  • scissors
  • sticky tape or glue
  • cupcakes

First of all, click on the previews of the templates below to open the main .pdf file.  The template is set up to print on standard letter size paper measuring 8.5" x 11" (slightly smaller than A4).  Ensure that your printer is set for this size of paper and make sure that there is no 'scaling' of the document selected.  Print onto plain white card or paper.  Cut out and tape (or glue) the two short sides together with a minimal overlap to create a slightly conical ring.  Gently drop the frosted cupcake into the wrapper.  This template will fit most normal sized cupcakes, but if you want to check beforehand, the diameter of the base is 45-50mm and across the top is approximately 75mm.

These printables are provided free on the understanding that they are for personal use only and not to be reproduced, altered or used for commercial purposes (please contact me for more information if necessary)!  Thanks!


4 Responses so far.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the cupcake wrappers - my girls will love making up cupcakes to go in these. Hope you do have a good Jubilee party in the US!

  2. Mama Max says:

    You're very welcome!!! Mx

  3. jenny says:

    Thanks for these - currently making a jubilee party hat for DS to take to school - the crown cupcake wrapper will be just the right size to use as decoration on the hat !

  4. Rosie says:

    Oooh, I like the crown ones :)

    We made some other Jubilee printables - http://www.messytimes.com/category/printables/

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