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Posted by Mama Max - - 9 comments

Silent Sunday

9 Responses so far.

  1. That's beautiful. Did you plan it? Very clever!

  2. Oh that's amazing!!

  3. Mama Max says:

    Thanks for stopping by, Mel! Not planned ... it was just a lucky shot! We happened to be at the kitchen table overlooking our garden, when my husband saw it! I grabbed my camera (which was luckily in the kitchen with the zoom lens attached) and got some great shots! Sometimes, the spontaneous ones are the best! x

  4. A hummingbird - checked out your homepage wondering where you are based and see you are in Houston - I've only seen them in the Caribbean before . Great shot! x

  5. Mama Max says:

    Yes, we're British expats in Houston, Texas, where the Hummingbirds can be found in the Spring on their way to the Carribean!! Thanks for visiting and for your comment Not a Notting Hill Mum!! x

  6. Oh my what a beautiful shot!

  7. What a great capture. x

  8. Mama Max says:

    Thank you, both!!!

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