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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 1 comments

I am a sucker when it comes to jewelry! I am not talking diamonds (although, I love the ones Him Indoors gave me), rather, I am talking the cheap-and-cheerful type! I am definitely a bit partial to a beaded or long pendant style necklace, but there is no getting away from the fact that they are a bugger to store! I have a lovely leather jewelry box with plenty of drawers and compartments, but, necklaces will invariably become entangled and indistinguishable from one another! So I was looking for a solution to storing them in a fashion that enabled me to see them all whilst getting dressed (for easy outfit assemblage), that was totally easy to use without any fiddling about (I am notoriously lazy with things like this) and that was as cheap-and-cheerful as the necklaces themselves!

The solution came in the form of some old shower curtain hooks I found at the back of a cupboard in our bathroom (thanks to our landlord for not tossing them out)! They are admittedly a little dated, but this lends itself to a slightly bohmeian 'shabby chic' ambience!

You will need...

  • A set of decorative style shower curtain hooks - second hand/thrift stores, garage sales or ebay might be worth a look for some old and inexpensive hooks.  Or if you prefer a more specific look or something quite contempory, check out these...

  •  A closet rail
  • A selection of fabulous necklaces!!!

You simply slide the hooks onto a hanging rail in your closet.  The hooks are designed to fit over a shower curtain pole and to slide easily, so they are supposed to go onto a pole with a smaller diameter.  However, they also just about slide onto a standard closet rail albeit with a slightly snugger fit... this worked well as there was less movement once the hooks were in place. The hooks are then perfect for looping necklaces over.

This could not be simpler, but it has really helped me keep the clutter in my closet under control... with the obvious exception of the shelf above as evidenced in the pics below!  :-)

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  1. Katy Cook says:

    Nice one, think i'll have to do something similar for mine! X

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