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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 0 comments

My kids all went off to school today!!!! After 87 days of having them trailing me around like shadows, I honestly felt a bit bereft to be without them... saying that, I'm sure the feeling will pass! In fact, today was actually the twins' first day at proper school and so was actually a bit of a milestone for us! Cue lots of photos and the odd tearful moment (me, not them!).

It's going to be a bit of a culture shock managing 3 kids' school timetables rather just the Big One's and so I am on a mission to get organised! All 3 boys have come home with a folder full of notices, art work and class timetables today and my fridge and noticeboard are at full capacity... so I decided to create a streamlined magnetic display for the boys class information to maximize the noticeboard real estate!

You will need:

  • a clear plastic wallet for each child
  • sticky tape
  • small post-it notes (the tab divider ones work really well as they are clear on the bit that attaches to the page)
  • scissors
  • coloured paper & glue stick (optional)
  • a strip of magnetic tape (alternatively you could just use strong fridge magnets or pins on a normal noticeboard)

Firstly, bind all your wallets together along the hole punched edge using sticky tape.

Then you can cover this with a folded strip of coloured paper or card to neaten the edge.

Cut, peel and stick a length of magnetic tape to the covered edge of the wallets.

Using post-its or special sticky index tabs, create a tab for each of your kids on each of the wallets along the opposite edge from the covered magnetic side.

Slide in each child's timetable and then attach to your fridge door or magnetic noticeboards using the magnetic tape.  You can then simply use the tabs to locate the specific timetable you need at the time without having to cover your entire fridge door with paper!

How are you gearing up for the return to school?!!!

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