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A while ago, I blogged an idea for storing necklaces using shower curtain hooks.  It was only as I was writing that blog entry and adding the photos that I got a little embarrassed about the state of the shelf above my neatly organised necklaces.  There was makeup items strewn all over the place.  Let's face it, ladies... makeup is a pain to store at the best of times.  I've given up using a makeup bag (except when travelling) as they always end up a bit yucky inside... it only takes a top to come off a kohl pencil or an eyeshadow case to open and the whole thing is a powdery, icky mess.  But at the same time, it's a bit of an eyesore to have it all strewn over the bathroom (or closet) counter.  So I was totally inspired by an idea documented on a blog called Laura Thoughts.  She used a picture frame with a sheet of metal to create a magnetic display for her makeup.  Fabulous and very creative.  So I decided to use her idea, but to use recycled bits to create my own.

You will need...

Cut a piece of fabric a few inches wider than your cookie tray all the way around.  Place the cookie tray on the wrong side of the fabric and fold the fabric up and over the sides of the tray.  Glue into place, making neat folds at the corners.  Turn the tray over and you have a pretty magnetic board!

Cut strips of magnetic tape, and glue to the back of your makeup items.  The heavier the item, the more magnetic tape you will need.  The items can then be put on the tray.

Cut a small box to the right size to store your smaller items such as mascaras, kohl pencils etc...  Wrap it in some more of the fabric and glue in place, neatening the edges.  Attach more magnetic strips to the back of the box and attach to the board.

You can either prop the board up on your bathroom counter or closet shelf, or hang on the wall next to your mirror.  All the items you need are easily visible and obtainable, and kept out of the way!  Easy peasy, and only 20 minutes to make!

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