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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 0 comments

My kids are no different to many others, in that they have an inability to hang the hand towel back up when they have washed their hands! It is often to be found damp, and scrunched up on the counter...

...on the stool...

...or, even on the floor!

It is something that easily adds to the untidiness that creeps up unannounced every day in my house. How it happens in such a short period of time, I'll never know! One minute, peace reigneth and everything is in its proper place. Then, BOOM!... you blink, and everything that's not bolted down has been strewn across the house. Sigh.

And therein lies the solution to the problem. If the towel was literally 'bolted down' it could not be dumped on the counter/floor!

You will need...

  • a wall-mounted towel rail
  • a hand towel
  • 2 x sew on snap fasteners
  • cotton in a coordinating colour to your towel and a needle

Fold a portion of the towel up.  You may wish to measure this on your towel rail so that there is enough room for the towel to hang and still be used.

Sew the 'male' halves of the snap fasteners to two corners of one of the short sides of the towel.

Line up the 'female' halves of the fasteners so that they are level with each other at the point you folded the towel to.  Sew them on.

Drape the towel over the rail and snap the fasteners together.


You can then easily remove the towel for laundering but it stays put while the kids dry their hands!  If you'd rather, you could use sew-on velcro instead! 

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