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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 0 comments

I'm trying to embrace the never-ending-autumn-slash-winter-holiday-season here in the States! From around mid-September when the Halloween decorations start popping up in people's front yards until the finale of New Year's Eve it seems like one long round of Holiday themes! Before the kids have even finished scoffing their Halloween candy the Thanksgiving decorations go up and the Christmas stuff starts appearing in the shops! And each Holiday comes with its own traditions, most of which are new to me as a Brit in America! One of the most dominant symbols of the Fall season is that of Candy Corn. When I first started seeing the distinctive white, orange and yellow triangles adorning things, I had absolutely no idea what they were! And then an American friend introduced me to Candy Corn (with an incredulous look on her face when I confessed my ignorance!).

For those like myself, who are ignorant about Candy Corn, apparently it is a traditional candy that has been popular in North America since it was first created in the 1880s by the Wunderle Candy Company. The triangular shape, and the three colors are supposed to mimic a kernel of corn... hence the association with the autumnal harvest time of year and Thanksgiving (it's a Halloween favorite too)! To give you an idea of how popular the stuff is here in America, the top branded retailer of candy corn, Brach's, sells enough candy corn each year to circle the earth 4.25 times if the kernels were laid end to end. Wow!

So, when sorting through some kitchen cupboards the other day, I stumbled across a set of popsicle (lollipop) molds that I haven't used in ages! I thought I'd create a healthy treat for the kids but with a bit of seasonal candy corn symbolism!

You will need:

  • A set of popsicle freezer molds.  You could use narrow empty yogurt pots with lollipop sticks, but they wouldn't have the iconic triangular shape.
  • White colored yogurt, or yogurt drink.  I used a vanilla flavored probiotic yogurt drink... plenty of good bacteria to promote healthy digestion!!
  • Dark orange or red-colored juice or smoothie.  I used a Strawberry fruit smoothie... lots of healthy anti-oxidants and counting as a portion of their daily 5-a-day fruit/veg requirement!
  • Yellow or pale orange juice or smoothie. I used a Mango fruit smoothie... more anti-oxidants and another tick against the 5-a-day quota!

    First, stand your empty popsicle cups on a steady surface.  Fill the bottom third of each with your white yogurt or yogurt drink.  Place in the freezer, making sure they remain level and leave for about 45 minutes or until solid.

    Then fill up another third of each mold with the dark orange/red juice or smoothie.  Freeze until solid.

    Finally, fill the remaining third of the mold with the yellow juice/smoothie.  Place the handle/lid part of the mold onto the cup and again freeze until solid.

    To unmold the popsicles, run the mold under a stream of warm water until you see the mold loosen, then gently slide the popsicle out of the mold.

    Enjoy, feeling a bit saintly for all the healthy stuff you're consuming! Delicious (and reminiscent of my favorite rocket lollies!!).  And far too yummy for the kids to keep to themselves... as you can see I enjoyed mine while sitting watching 'Dancing with the Stars' on the sofa with Him Indoors!





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