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One of the most exciting parts of this blogging journey (aside from knowing that people are liking my ideas), has been learning new techy-skills. Things like writing basic html and getting my head around CSS style sheets... please don't stop reading at this point if the IT jargon is making you nervous, I'm not going to be getting all techy on you, honest... and there's a thank you gift at the end!!

As a small-scale blogger, I'm not employing anyone to help with webdesign or marketing of my site so it's all quite an adventure for me! Once I'd figured out how to customise the design of my blog, and got into the swing of posting stuff... the important thing was to figure out how to reach potential readers! One of the most obvious ways for me to market my blog has been through social networking sites. Consequently, I've got myself addicted to Pinterest (see my earlier post about this new phenonemon... I have invites to spare if you're interested!) and I've recently started a Twitter account and have been making tentative steps into the world of tweets (get me... I'm up on the lingo too!). However, as a regular user of Facebook for the last few years, it was this networking tool that I wanted to make the most of!

So, a few weeks ago I created a Facebook page. It feels a bit... well, cheesy, I suppose... setting myself up to collect 'Fans'. But in reality, I think it's a fabulous way to enable people who are interested in keeping up to date with my blog posts, to do so easily! And without them having to subscribe by another feed method like RSS, which to the technically-challenged (like my dear Mum... sorry, if you're reading this) is yet another thing to log-into and get to grips with. Let's face it... just about everyone on the planet has a Facebook account now (errrr... except my Mum! Bless!).

However, my page was lacking a little pizzazz, so after a bit of investigating today, I figured out how to create a custom landing page for my Facebook page! For the uninitiated, this is the page non-fans will first get to when they follow a link to your facebook page. One of the things I thought I'd add to my landing page is a little thank you to people who take the time to stop by.  So, I've created a little printable pdf file...

Mama Max's Cooks' Ready Reference!

Once you have 'Liked' my new Facebook page, you will be able to print off this handy little sheet to keep close to hand in your kitchen. It was inspired because of my own need to keep referencing the same information over and over again ... either online or in cookery books!  So I figured it would be much easier to have all the information consolidated and stuck on the inside of my pantry door for quick reference when needed!

In the printout you will find:
  • Oven temperature conversions (particularly useful to a Brit like me who's used to celsius, but living in the US where everything is in Farenheit!)
  • Volume conversions (US cups to ml)
  • Food substitutions... and this is invaluable, even if I do say so myself! Got a recipe that calls for some buttermilk and you don't have any (or any cream to make your own... see my previous post about making butter!)?  Then simply look up the ingredient on the list to see what you can use as a reliable substitute! Handy, eh?
Of course, I don't want to penalise those wonderful folks who've already 'Liked' my page... if you've done so but would like a bit of printable-action... just go to my Facebook page look in the menu below the logo in the top left corner and click on 'Welcome' (it has a little star icon next to it!).

And for those of you who aren't on Facebook yet and would still like a copy of this handy printable... drop me an email to mamawithideas at gmail dot com (you know what I mean, I just don't like spam unless it comes out of a tin!).

Enjoy, and thanks again!

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