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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 0 comments

Being a busy SAHM of three kids, including the terrible twosome, I hate going to the shops.  Actually, hate isn't strong enough... loathe is probably closer!  I really miss being able to do my grocery shopping online, which is becoming almost the norm for busy parents in the UK.  I mean, who wants to spend several hours a week dragging screaming toddlers around the grocery store, when 20 minutes clicking online can have it delivered to your door (for free in a lot of cases!).  Sigh.  That sort of service is unfortunately not available here in Houston.

However, I do use Amazon a lot.  And not just for books!  I buy all my diapers (nappies), wet wipes and even some of my groceries (yes indeed!) from Amazon.  The cost savings are even better when you sign up for their Subscribe & Save Scheme.

For example:

The above link is for the diapers we buy - Pampers Baby Dry (size 4).

  • They are selling on Amazon.com today (12th Oct) for $47.19 including the delivery (that works out at 24.6 cents a diaper).  
  • That's cheaper than ToysRUs where it would cost you $52.49 to have the same thing delivered (which works out at 27.3 cents a diaper).

However, if you sign up with the Amazon subscription service, you get an ADDITIONAL 30% off every time you order them.  You basically specify how frequently you want them delivered... monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months or every 6 months.

So, the box of diapers actually cost $33.03 each time, which works out at only 17 cents a diaper.


You can also cancel or skip a shipment whenever you want. Or even cancel your subscription after the first delivery!  And you don't have to lug them home from the store!

UPDATE:  For those of you viewing this from the UK ... looks like Amazon.co.uk also has a similar scheme!

Wait, there's more... if you also sign up for the Amazon Mom thing and spend $25 a month on baby supplies (easy to do if you buy your diapers & wipes), you also qualify for Amazon Prime benefits on all your other purchases.  This means that you get free 2-day priority shipping on any Prime item (which is pretty much everything sold by Amazon).  Genius!

Then, the icing on the cake... you also get sent emails with links to some of their 'secret' discount pages.  They're not really secret, you just can't navigate to them from the main menus!  Here are some recent ones I've been sent...

I heart Amazon.com.  You save me stress and money!

P.S.  Last of all... some Subscribe & Save grocery links for my fellow British Expats:

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