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Posted by Maxine Cleminson - - 0 comments

The Big One was student of the week this week and for this honor had the privilege of bringing in treats for his classmates on Friday!  Having forgotten all about this until Thursday evening (ooops) I had to improvise and quickly knock up something for him to take in the next day.  So I knocked up a quick batch of chocolate cupcakes, but in my rush, forgot to add baking powder to the cake batter.  Hence, tasty but very flat & dense cupcakes.  Bad Mummy.  To my horror, I also realised I was too short of ingredients to make a new batch!  So I had to make good, but where to start!?  A buttercream frosting and some non-pareils?  A good start but still didn't cover the fact that these cakes were pathetically flat.  So a topping of some description?

It was then that inspiration struck in the form of some silicon ice cube trays I've had in the back of a cupboard for the last few years!  The Big One had a Lego-themed birthday party 2 years ago and I'd used these ice-cube trays to make Lego-shaped jelly sweets!  Thankfully, I still had some leftover candy melts and chocolate chips from the Halloween Cake pops I made last week.  So I thought I'd give candy making a go in an ice cube mold!

You will need:
  • Silicone ice cube trays
  • Colored candy wafers (like Candy Melts) or chocolate chips.

First, you will need to melt the chocolate carefully.  This is best done in the microwave but be careful not to overdo it or your chocolate will seize up.  For more detailed instructions see my earlier post about making cake pops.

Then simply pour the melted chocolate into the ice cube mold.  Refrigerate until solid and then turn out carefully.  These make very cute cupcake toppers but could also be used to make themed candies!

Here are some amazing examples of silicone ice-cube molds that would make fantastic chocolates!

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